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New York-Based Dog Training

It's simple. K9 University turns good boys and girls, into GREAT ones.

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What People Are Saying

See why people have fallen in love with Marlon and K9 University


I sent my 8 month old puppy to Marlon and she came back a different dog, in the best way possible. Marlon and I were in constant communication about my priorities for the training and he continuously sent me videos and updates while she was away. Upon her return, he spent a few hours reviewing everything with me and making sure I felt comfortable going forward. Ruby is now able to walk by my side without ever pulling, and she responds immediately to other commands such as off, sit and stay. I am so glad I sent her and look forward to using Marlon’s other services in the future!

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Meet Marlon Leon:Dog Obedience Trainer,Penn Foster Career School
Hi, my name is Marlon Leon. And I've been around and working with dogs my whole life.Since the age of 18, I have been working in animal shelters and veterinary offices learning how to handle all types of dogs, even ones with aggressive and seemingly untrainable behavior.These are the dogs that made my heart sink. They made me realize who I was, and provided me with my lifelong purpose of helping them and their owners live happier, better lives.Loving dogs is easy, but communicating with them can be challenging, especially because they can't let you know if something hurts them or if they don't feel well.Understanding both aspects of a dog's behavior and a dog's health is truly the first step to my training process. Dogs want love and want to be loved. They form bonds with people based on their trust of people. The way that I train begins with me creating a bond, and letting the dog know - that I am NOT the enemy. Once you have formed this kind of bond with a dog, it creates a positive learning environment that will end in success.
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Services We Offer

From Training to Day Care, we offer top of the line services that leave our clients happy

*We offer pet transportation to and from our facility as well as to and from vet appointments in Lindenhurst, Massapequa, Copiague and Babylon (please note that we cannot stay with your pet during the appointment). Prices vary according to location. Pickup and dropoffs to the airport as well.



K9 University is dedicated to owners who want to give their dogs the ultimate learning experience. We teach full obedience, behavior modification, puppy classes, and group socialization. Each dog has their own curriculum based upon their behavioral modification needs while they are at training. Training is 7 days a week.


Day Care

Let your dogs run and play in our indoor temperature controlled playrooms. We offer over 7500 sq ft of supervised fun. Doggy daycare provides a dog-friendly atmosphere where each pup is treated to lots of love and attention from a dedicated staff. K9 University is proud to provide an outstanding structured doggy daycare for all dog breeds of all shapes and sizes.



We offer 30-minute and 1-hour walking sessions for dogs of all sizes. Our walkers are all experienced dog trainers, and by request, we can even include some behavioral training into each session.



All our caretakers have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with all dog behaviors and medical requirements. Every pet that stays with us gets individual care, dedicated playtime and exercise that will make them feel the love!

  • Freshman: 2 Week Program
  • Sophomore: 3 Week Program
  • Junior: 4 Week Program
  • Senior: 6 Week Program
  • Private Training Sessions

*Pricing for each program varies depening on a number of factors. To get an accurate estimate of what each service might cost, please fill out the form by 'clicking' on 'Get a Quote'. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!